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Starting a business is an exciting venture with so many benefits, including the opportunity to explore your passion and freedom to manage your time. After beginning a new business venture, your next priority is acquiring customers and building your client base. That implies that you need to get the word out about your brand, and there are various approaches you can use in this case.

One of the ways you can spread the word about your new enterprise is through print. Whether you are considering printing details about your business and what you offer on canvas or paper, capturing your audience’s attention should be part of your priorities. If the information you print is illegible for various reasons, people will hardly give it a second look.

Choosing not to invest in quality printing will not yield a desirable outcome, and it may lead to losses if your audience cannot read or understand the details therein. Often overlooked forms of print that are typically a customer’s first impression come from business cards, stationary or print ads. So, over and above budgeting for print, you need to ensure that the outcome will help you achieve the set objectives.

For that reason, you need to avoid print mistakes that may drive potential clients to your competitors. Here are some of the common print mistakes that small entrepreneurs make, which, in turn, bear far-reaching effects on their operations.

1. Low Resolution Artwork

If you’ve not invested in artwork (including a logo) from a designer or brand expert, it’s common for art to not be scalable or be high enough quality for print. And low quality elements will affect your target customers’ perception regarding your brand’s reputation from the onset. Remember that individuals learn a lot about your operations from visuals, and that is why you cannot afford to make such a print mistake. So, before ordering a print, you need to ensure that your artwork’s resolution is similar to the print you choose.

One way you can achieve that is by promoting your printer for a template. That way, you can ensure that the setting up of your artwork is the appropriate size and resolution. If the setup of your artwork size incorrectly, you may spend more time trying to adjust the design, extra fees for the printer to correct, or the outcome may be what you do not expect.

Affinity Studios has expertise in print design and can be a great partner to assure your artwork is high quality when it comes time to print. Affinity also has local printing partners to partner with so you don’t have to deal with the printer at all.

2. Settling for The Best “Deal”

Cheap is expensive (in the long run)! Indeed, starting a business has many moving parts, but taming expenses is not an option in some situations. There are cost implication is that you when you opt for low-quality print at the expense of saving as much as possible.

The print quality you choose will determine whether you can expect to generate interest among your audience or not. As such, settling for the lowest or best “deal” may be a wrong turn if you want to succeed as a budding entrepreneur. Multiple attractive “deals” are available out there, and if you fall for them, you may end up hurting the reputation of your entity even before building one. This would result in investing in print for the sake of print, and not making a return on the investment.

A gut-feeling may help in this case. So, if you notice that such offers appear cheap and nasty, know that potential customers will have the same feeling. That suggests that instead of quantity, you should always prioritize print quality. Understand that 50 clients who appreciate your brand and worth a lot more than a thousand that shrug you off as cheap.

Print should display expertise and professionalism in what you do.

Affinity Studios has quality print partners that are affordable and still deliver high quality work. Affinity also undergoes a sampling process to ensure quality control. This is a benefit of working with a designer or brand expert.

3. Choosing the Wrong Colors

Capturing the attention of your audience is not enough. You need to stick in their minds as long as possible, if not forever. There is no better way of achieving this objective than using the right logo and colors. Additionally, appreciate that people can retain what they see longer in their minds than what they read.

The bottom line here is that you should consider colors that have high contrast and stay within brand for your print items. If the surface you print on is low contrast or off brand, the information you are trying to put across will be confusing or hard to read, which defeats the purpose of such an investment.

Knowing which color profiles to use and how to recognize what color profile you’re in is also crucial. I have a great article about RGB v CMYK that sheds some light on which you need to be aware of for print.

In the case of color choice, you should consider working closely with your designer to identify the perfect colors to use on your print for the best results.


Having expertise in your line of business does not suggest that you can handle everything regarding your firm’s operations. You need extra hands to help you build your dream enterprise right from the beginning, and that is where hiring an expert comes in handy. That is especially true when it comes to print.

Print is only as good as the objective it helps you achieve. That purpose should align with your ambitions to succeed in the business world. On the other hand, cutting down your expenses should not compromise the outlook of your company.

Remember that your audience will look at your firm through your print’s eyes, which is why investing in quality is a wise idea because it allows you to create the right perception out there. So, avoiding the print mistakes above will point you in the right direction as a new business owner focusing on success.

Since you may not know much about print, hiring a skilled designer or brand expert to set up your artwork is advisable. After all, you want to realize ROI once you invest in print, and that is not possible without engaging an expert. You will save some money when you design the artwork yourself, but this is short-term.

Earning more, in the long run, is the outcome of opting for a well-designed print because first impressions mean everything to your audience. Consider learning more about the services Affinity Studios provide to get your marketing strategy driving the results you’re looking for.

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