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Real estate marketing is an endless endeavor that can be both exciting and challenging. To thrive in the industry, you have to invest in your social capital. That means that you have to leverage your company image and contacts to work towards your business’ advantage.

At Affinity Studios, we have a wealth of experience dealing with brand and marketing development. We focus on helping real estate developers and agents achieve their business goals in residential and commercial ventures to widen their customer base, compete effectively, and penetrate untapped markets. To achieve these, we encourage our clients to adopt marketing strategies that result in a successful business image.

If you want to scale up your real estate venture, below are 5 key ways that you can use to turn your marketing efforts around, attract your ideal clients, and close deals.

A Strong Logo/Brand Development

Clients often ask me whether they need a logo or a brand for their business. My simple answer is, “Yes, like yesterday.” Even though the two terms, “logo” and “brand,” are quite confusing, I will try to make it as simple as possible.

A logo is described as a pictorial design that you put forth to help identify your company as well as your products. Logo design revolves around matching colors and graphics to communicate who you are. It is normally the first image your clients have of you.

On the other hand, branding is an umbrella marketing function aimed at positioning and promoting your products. It includes a company name, logo, slogans, and symbols that distinguish you from your competitors.

Unlike a logo, which you can design once, you build branding over time. This requires you to put relentless efforts into ensuring that the brand remains strong and popular with your clients and prospects.

Similarly, both the logo and the branding work on the image of your organization. The former illustrates an image that catches the beholder’s attention, while the latter determines the long-term perception that clients form in their minds from consuming our products and services.

I like pointing out the importance of a strong brand that captures attention, and that’s why it’s important to get a professional logo designer. Understating your market segments will also take you a step closer to aligning their needs and your business goals, hence develop your brand appropriately.

Web and Social Presence

Serious marketers understand how the cliché “out of sight out of mind” affects their business. It is, therefore, an important goal for your business to be visible and accessible to your clients.

Having a web presence means that people will find you when they search online. Company websites and blogs are some of the platforms to ensure that your web presence sells you.

However, clients who have used my services know that I do not advocate for settling at having a web presence. While it is important, clients prefer to be updated on all matters concerning your products in a more personalized way. This is why I believe that a combination of web presence and social presence will reap better benefits for your business.

Social presence provides an interactive opportunity for you to communicate with each of your clients directly. Social media such as Instagram or Facebook are best for your social presence. You enjoy getting feedback and acumens from clients, answering inquiries, and proving your value.

Email Marketing

Emails have continually gained popularity since their invention, 50 years ago. Similarly, Email marketing has seen tremendous reforms as businesses adopt it as their major marketing and communication tool.

The major distinguishing feature of email marketing from other emails is that it relays commercial content. To make good marketing emails, you create the desired promotional content and send it to all current and prospective clients via email.

Although you can send marketing emails from regular service providers like yahoo, I advise marketers to consider using Email Service Providers (ESP).

With ESP software, you can easily send and manage your promotions. Furthermore, your messages will reach your recipients’ inboxes. (No marketer wants their emails archived in SPAM folders.)

Host a Blog

Setting up a blog can seem a very tasking job. Nonetheless, you may want to change your mind when you behold the benefits you can get for your business with the weblog options available today.

To own a web page on the Internet, you need to use web hosting services. This applies to both individuals and organizations who aim to increase their Internet website visibility.

If you are a beginner with blogs, you can always go for the easier option, such as blogger and WordPress. These options have configurations and script installation already set up. Thus, they are user-friendly. Besides, most of them are free!

Therefore, whether you are a veteran blogger or a novice who wants to take your business further by commercializing your blog, I would suggest you consider paid blogs. These have features that allow you to tailor-make your content and limit the ads. Something else, you can compensate your subscription with earnings from the ads you allow to run on your blog.

There are several web hosting options, such as free web hosting and dedicated servers, among others. Whatever option you take, choose what works best for you.

Attending/Hosting Networking Events

Networking events often bring together people in the same field or sharing similar interests. It is usually a great place to meet and interact with corporates, entrepreneurs, and influencers in a less formal setup. If you cannot host a networking event, then purpose to attend one.

You get numerous advantages when you network. Such as:

You Get Valuable Contacts

I recently met a client who told me how comfortable she had been with her marketing strategies as long she met her target sales. She would later regret not doing things differently early enough. Her breakthrough came in when she attended one of the networking events, met her role model, and exchanged contacts. She was excited to share the benefits she derives from the mentoring she gets since.

You Stand a Chance of Getting New Insight

There is no better way of getting solutions to your problem than getting answers from your industry gurus. Networking events provide you the chance to meet industry experts who can help with your dilemma.

You Access a Rich Knowledge Pool

Interacting with industry peers is a sure way to know what is happening around. On such occasions, you get to know about the consumer trends and tendencies and what other service providers are doing to keep up with them. These kinds of interactions give you sufficient knowledge to position your products and marketing strategies.

You Get Motivated

Sometimes all you need to keep you enthusiastic at your work is a little push. I know of a few friends who have gone for a networking event without expecting much but come back more motivated than ever.

What happened? Their interaction at the event made them realize that those who have made it also faced similar challenges as they were facing at that moment. Their success stories were all that they needed to hear.

Final Thoughts

To help you turn marketing efforts into tangible business goals. I recommend reaching out to your potential clients. Marketing campaigns such as web and social presence and email marketing are a great way to attract current and prospective clients. Once clients know you, invest in developing a strong logo and brand that gives you an advantage over your competitors. Ensure your presence is felt by keeping yourself active and visible online to glue clients to your products. Take networking events as a stepping-stone in widening your market horizons and a platform for mentoring currently and for posterity.

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