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Beyond what you sell or offer, there is the essence of your business- your brand. It’s more than a logo or a slogan. Your brand is what your customers perceive you to be.

Naturally, you’ll want to oversee all aspects of your brand design- from the logo to the font, the brand colours, and the customer experience. However, designing your brand can prove to be more complex than anticipated.

There are many elements to consider, and you may find yourself moving slow or failing to reach your desired brand goals. A confused brand design process leads to the loss of cohesive customer perceptions and experiences.

Outsourcing is an efficient, cost-effective and productive way to create your brand. When you work with a professional branding agency, you enjoy a structured and result-driven brand design process. You call the shots while the experts help you actualize your overall desire. What’s more, you maintain consistency and produce a brand that customers can relate to.

Here are six reasons why you should outsource your brand design process.

1. Creative Thinking

When you start your business, you have an idea of your brand, customers, and values. However, after a certain period of operation, whether a month or a year, you may feel the need to create a cohesive brand identity.

Unfortunately, while you may have an overall dream for your brand, you may find it challenging to transfer your ideas into creative brand elements. A different eye is an essential ingredient during brand design.

Outsourcing your brand design helps you tap into another person’s creativity. More importantly, the ideas generated for your brand come from a team of experts rather than an individual. Most agencies have writers, designers, illustrators, and visual experts who contribute to your overall brand design.

Different participants in the brand design process bring the most compelling stories to the table to create the overall picture for your brand. This is not to say that the process does not involve technical processes. Instead, great branding agencies break down your brand design problem and find practical solutions that execute your brand vision.

2. Consistency

Sometimes, you may find that you lack consistency across your physical premises, media, and products. The inconsistency creates confusion among employees in different departments and roles. What’s more, customers fail to recognize your products and services under one umbrella.

A great branding agency understands that consistency is critical in brand design. The brand experts keep all your brand elements consistent for brand success.

3. Knowledge and Expertise

Internal departments and employees can only learn so much from each other. Eventually, you have to seek knowledge from outside the company to boost what you know. Most branding agencies work across industries, bringing their knowledge and expertise from different projects to the table.

Overall, branding agencies have experts who oversee various aspects of your brand to create a cohesive brand identity. A third-party brand design agency can focus on all aspects of your brand, including your logo and tagline, down to your marketing and employee uniform.

In each stage, various brand experts brainstorm and then research ideas for your brand. Key members of the organization choose your finalized designs from multiple ideas. In the end, all the products of the brand design process share your values and communicate your corporate identity.

What’s more, branding agencies are conversant with new technology demands in the current branding and marketing space. Brand experts use and recommend the best tools and stay on top of trends to keep your brand up-to-date.

4. Continuous Brand Management

When you run a small business, keeping up with your brand may be the last activity on your mind. However, working with a branding agency is like having a reliable partner. The branding agency ensures that your visual elements and content remain within your brand identity, reflect your values, and are cohesive with your brand visuals.

In short, a branding agency ensures that you or other workers do not dilute the brand, especially as you scale or grow your business.

5. Cost Efficiency

Believe it or not, it’s more cost-effective for your small business to outsource non-core activities to third-party experts than to hire an internal team. As earlier mentioned, a good branding agency relies on strategists, managers, web and software experts, content creators and managers, writers, illustrators, artists, among other experts.

Hiring an internal brand management team means incurring the cost of employee wages, overtime, insurance, taxes, pension, office space, hardware, software, and management. However, you can transfer these costs to the branding agency and instead pay a continuous monthly fee.

The cost of outsourcing branding saves you money and makes it easier to manage your cash flow. What’s more, you enjoy value for your money and expert services at a fraction of the cost.

6. Time Efficient

The overall branding process is time-intensive. For example, when you undergo rebranding, you need to create new logos and slogans, choose font details, recreate your mission and vision, design your image audio, and write content to match your brand goals.

Every step of the brand design process requires brainstorming, idea testing, implementation, and final touch-ups to ensure overall cohesiveness. You may find it challenging to manage your business and dedicate adequate time to the brand design process. Unfortunately, cutting back on time affects the quality of your overall product.

Bringing a design expert on board may seem overwhelming, but it can save you precious time. You don’t have to be present for all brainstorming meetings, tests, and creative processes. The brand experts oversee the details as you offer your input along the way. You can use the time to focus on your business operations and find ways to incorporate your new brand design into your business.

Consult a Branding Agency For Your Small Business

Brand design takes time, tools, ideas, and teams. Outsourcing your brand design needs to a branding agency saves time, costs, and resources. The best part- you get a consistent and expertly crafted brand design to suit your business. Affinity Studios is ready to be your brand design partner. The question is, are you?

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