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6 Business Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Brand Design Process

Beyond what you sell or offer, there is the essence of your business- your brand. It’s more than a logo or a slogan. Your brand is what your customers perceive you to be. Naturally, you’ll want to oversee all aspects of your brand design- from the logo to...

A Guide to Website and Branding Accessibility

Having a strong online presence is now more important than ever, and your website is the foundation of all your branding strategies. Even with pristine social media pages and a polished Google My Business listing, all your marketing and advertising tactics are heavily...

What You Need To Know About Font Paring and Typography Hierarchy

Having a typographic hierarchy tells a read which information is most important and the order in which it should be read. Having established styles for each of these tiers is important and something the designer you hire considers as they develop your brand. Elements...

JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF: What Are They and How Do I Use Them?

When we wrap up our time together, chances are you will receive one, if not all, of these file types. Common questions I get from my clients are, “what are these?” and “how do I use them?” So I’m going to outline the common file types I provide to my clients and what makes each of them special. Keep in mind that file types can be very intricate, so the below is just basics that you should know as a brand manager.

Elements of Brand Identities

A huge part of the services Affinity Studios offers is brand development. I have three package options (as well as opportunities to customize) that are specifically focused on brand identity development. But if it’s so centrical to Affinity Studios, what is a brand and why does your business need one?