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5 Steps to Developing a Strong Mission Statement For Your Brand

Your mission statement is your reference point for how and in what way your business will serve. It is a descriptor of your goals and vision and captures the entire brand in a few short sentences. It sounds like a lot of pressure, and it is. But this process of...

My Top 5 Favorite Business Books of 2020

So much research went into how to start a business and what that could look like for Affinity Studios. There were so many ideas from my past work experiences that I was excited to implement, but there were so many things I had no clue about. I mean even today I’m still learning. But below are some of the best books I’ve read this year and how they’ve helped me. 

My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts of 2020

Especially through the year 2020, podcasts were like people I had in my corner as I began to build on the idea of Affinity Studios. I sought out podcasts to guide me through this new entrepreneurial venture or to occupy my mind and learn new things outside of my industry. Whatever I needed- encouragement or distraction, podcasts are what got me through. Here are some of my favorites. 

Grit in Uncertain Times

Grit is the fire in our character that gives us our resilience and perseverance in the toughest of times. In the midst of chaos, grit is what pushes through like an instinct, making one ready to fight harder than the circumstances stacked against. So in uncertain times, what does this mean for us?