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Grit is the fire in our character that gives us our resilience and perseverance in the toughest of times. In the midst of chaos, grit is what pushes through like an instinct, making one ready to fight harder than the circumstances stacked against. So in uncertain times, what does this mean for us?

Communicating early and often.
Everyone is living in a scarcity mindset and in fear for themselves, families, friends or their work. Silence allows for narratives (that may be untrue) to be molded in the mind so sense can be made of things that seem to be out of order. Being clear and honest in what’s happening deludes those narratives and eases the anxiety. 

Knowing when, and being ready to pivot.
In this time of uncertainty, many of us are planning for the short-term and the long-term simultaneously. Your plans should be so flexible especially in this time, that you can abandon your usual venture and pivot to something more rewarding if the time is right. Knowing when to pivot is so important is makes the difference between a strategic shift and a fool’s mistake. Know when and be ready to pivot so you can rise to the occasion.

Having humility.
This life we all live in is very new. Our experiences are part of uncharted territory. This season requires extra patience, understanding, forgiveness, and flexibility for everyone we are working with. Priorities and Plan A might need to be reconstructed. Have patience for those around who are also trying to fight this pandemic as you are. It’s okay if things aren’t perfect. The reality is, the world is upside down. Businesses are closed, kids are home from school. Give yourself and others grace in this time.


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