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No doubt the success you have achieved so far is thanks to the dedication and sacrifices you have made since you set up the business. Hard work is an essential ingredient of success not just in your industry but in almost every field out there. However, sometimes we entrepreneurs, push ourselves too far that our health and ultimately our business suffers.

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), exhaustion from overworking doesn’t improve even with a good night’s sleep. Besides, overexertion predisposes one to the risk of illnesses. Whenever your body slows down due to sickness, your work suffers as well. As such, the need for going on a vacation cannot be overemphasized.

Before we discuss the benefits of taking a break from your business and how to go about it, let us consider the negatives of failing to break.

Adverse Effects of Failing to Take a Break

Failing to take a break can lead to physical and mental exhaustion, which can adversely affect your health. Some of the risks of overworking include:


Achieving a healthy work-life balance is essential not just for your relationships (family and friends) but also for you. To begin with, when you work without taking a break, the balance between your work and social life suffers. And as you take more time away from your family, the relationships may get strained and leave you stressed. Eventually, you may end up feeling mentally overwhelmed and physically exhausted.

Sometimes we don’t realize when things get to this level. We get so absorbed in the daily work demands that we don’t sense when we approach the breaking point and need to slow things down. Sadly, when burnout looms, our productivity takes a deep. We also experience challenges managing both business and personal relationships.

Physical Health Issues

Stress from overworking is not just bad for your mental health but physical health as well. For example, work stress predisposes people to metabolic syndrome, which increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, among other problems.

Studies have indicated that the risk of health problems increases as you push past 55 hours per week. And as earlier stated, when your health suffers, your business suffers alongside.

Compromised Immunity

Most entrepreneurs are guilty of skipping meals once in a while or substituting healthy meals for junk while on the move. Sometimes pushing yourself to meet deadlines or hit higher targets may also see you giving up a few hours of sleep. Together, these increase your physical and mental stress and compromise your immunity immensely.

Stalled Productivity

We often think we are achieving more when we push ourselves above our comfortable limits to get more work done. But on the contrary, our efficiency and the work quality deeps the more we overwork ourselves. For instance, working for twelve hours per day may not make you more productive than doing eight hours. This is because our bodies aren’t wired to remain productive 24/7, so productivity decreases as exhaustion sets in.

Benefits of Taking a Break

Now that we have seen the flipside of failing to take a break, how does the positive side look like?

Improved Creativity

We all would want to step off for a while and enjoy a good relaxing vacation regularly. However, we hold it off for fear of what our absence might do to the business. Our clients might get disappointed; competitors might take advantage of our absence and infiltrate our market, and so forth. So we stick on year in, year out and blame it on ‘the nature of our business’.

Unfortunately, getting stuck in our familiar environment puts our minds on autopilot, shutting doors of imagination and creativity. When we break from our day-to-day routine, it refreshes our minds and resets us back to creative mode.

It might surprise you how many ‘aha’ moments you can experience during a single vacation. Besides, a break renews your energy levels and increases your resilience. In short, a well-executed vacation can set you up for more success.

Reset Work-Life Balance

Achieving a work-life balance is not easy. However, it’s doable. Probably, you admit your work has swallowed up your social life, but it’s not until you go on a vacation when you realize how much the disharmony is affecting your life.

During your time off, you have an opportunity to review your schedules and get a new perspective of what really matters. As you reflect, you might also realize that the additional labor hours and diverse expertise your business needs to scale can be obtained easily through outsourcing. This way, you can chart your business on a path of greater success while avoiding burning yourself out.

Improve Morale

It’s natural for entrepreneurs to be self-driven. But too much work with no play can cause even the most motivated creative to grow dull. Taking time away from your work can help you refocus and get a renewed appreciation of the bigger picture.

Time off also helps sharpen your mind. You may find yourself making decisions much faster than you were previously.

How to Prepare for a Vacation

Are you still apprehensive that your business doesn’t have the necessary structures to survive your absence? The truth is, going on a vacation without proper preparation can affect the business. And no one wants to do that.

With the following tips, you can pull on a successful vacation and come back rejuvenated and empowered to conquer more grounds.

Work Around Your Off-Season

Most businesses have that season when things slow down. That’s your most ideal time to take a vacation. Whether you want to take a one-week, two-week, or month-long vacation, plan it around your off-season. That way, you won’t lose much business, and your existing clients will understand it’s a slow season; hence convenient for you to take time off.

Prepare the Business

Before taking the break, it’s essential to leave things in order. If you have employees, notify them and organize how work will be handled in your absence. Delegate your responsibilities, only leaving those that need your attention and inform the one in charge. Also, communicate to your clients that you will be away and tell them whom to call for help. Finally, remember to let everyone know how long you will be away.

Automate What You can

Thanks to automation tools, your digital marketing doesn’t have to stall while you are away. Ensure you take time and automate what you can before setting out. This will ensure your online presence isn’t affected by your absence.

Keep Tabs With the Business

You’re taking time off from work, but that doesn’t mean shutting yourself off completely. Set times when you will check on the progress and how you will be doing it. Then adhere to the schedule. That way, you won’t risk getting swamped all back in, and at the same time, you will have more peace knowing things are flowing well.

Parting Shot

Going on vacation is a dream many entrepreneurs never seem to realize. Letting off the reigns of your business for a couple of weeks feels like dooming it. However, everyone needs to take time off from work to relax and replenish their energy. Without this, one can easily get overwhelmed both physically and mentally, rendering all their efforts counterproductive. But as we have highlighted above, the move requires a proper preparation. This way, you get the much-needed rest without leaving the business to burn down.

Remember, whenever you’re ready to go on your next vacation, reach out to our team for advice or help with your digital side of the business.

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