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Client Resources

3 Common Print Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make

Starting a business is an exciting venture with so many benefits, including the opportunity to explore your passion and freedom to manage your time. After beginning a new business venture, your next priority is acquiring customers and building your client base. That...

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JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF: What Are They and How Do I Use Them?

When we wrap up our time together, chances are you will receive one, if not all, of these file types. Common questions I get from my clients are, “what are these?” and “how do I use them?” So I’m going to outline the common file types I provide to my clients and what makes each of them special. Keep in mind that file types can be very intricate, so the below is just basics that you should know as a brand manager.

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Elements of Brand Identities

A huge part of the services Affinity Studios offers is brand development. I have three package options (as well as opportunities to customize) that are specifically focused on brand identity development. But if it’s so centrical to Affinity Studios, what is a brand and why does your business need one?

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Discovery Consultation: Curating a Pinterest Board

One way to prepare for our Discovery Consultation meeting is to curate a Pinterest Board. The world of Pinterest can be so overwhelming and overstimulating. But on the other hand, it can be so helpful to do visual research to see what appeals to you and what doesn’t. The goal is to have between 5-10 pins per section. This gives a healthy breadth of your style and aesthetic preferences.

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What is a Discovery Meeting?

Think of the Discovery meeting as the blueprint of a house we are building together. In these blueprints we are drawing up, there are details we need to discuss about the material choices, the layout of the house that fits your lifestyle best, and of course the location. These are all important things to outline because the alternative is building a house without a plan. What the house would look like if we didn’t have blueprints to build from? It would have an unleveled cracked foundation, walls would not be square, and it would be annoying, dysfunctional, and even dangerous. So this first step is us sitting down together to figure out a plan that would make your brand successful.

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Your business is important and unique, so we have a process we undergo in partnership with you that go beyond making a logo. We begin with a Discovery Consultation so that together we can craft your identity in an authentic way. That consultation includes conversations about who your audience is and what you want your reputation to be. The Discovery process is truly the key to an effective brand. From there we have phases to refine details, but our intentional foundation to know your brand inside and out is what makes us so effective.

Serve Our Clients

Affinity values small businesses like yours. So we are intentional on finding ways to better serve you right where you are.

Get to Know Your Business.

We get to know you and your business because it’s unique and we want to deliver solutions that are right for your business.

Creative but Stretegic

We love to do amazing design work, but not just for the sake of it. We are always going to make sure our scope aligns with your goals and objectives.

Do the Right Thing

We develop solutions that make sense for your business. We make sure we delivering the most impactful and cost-effective solutions to achieve your goals.