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Sidewall Hospitality Group contracted Affinity Studios to develop logo variations for their client, Banonos. The silly name came from the song that goes, “O loke to ote, ote, ote oh-ples and bo-no-nos“. The product was a banana bread that could be ordered online and delivered to customer’s doors.

Client: Sidewall Hospitality Group

The Challenge

The aim was to develop a logo that could be expanded into a brand down the line. The logo needed to represent the fun and child-like nature emulated in the silly name, but also still polished and professional.


The Solution

Below are various solutions developed by Affinity Studios in collaboration with designer Katie Bradford. These approaches intentionally explored more illustrative and fun directions to reflect the playful name. At the end of the day, the client was excited to move forward with the sans serif lettering of BANONOS seen below.