CCU West Zone

Client: Coastal Carolina University Athletics

Scope: With Coastal Carolina University’s transfer into the Sun Belt, new and exciting projects began to rise for athletics to meet the conference’s facility requirements. This included the expansion of the football bowl from to be able to accommodate 20,000 spectators. This expansion brought a new premium suite opportunity for donors called the West Zone. As an alumna of Coastal Carolina University, Theresa felt that being able to work on this project was, in short, one of the biggest honors she has ever received. 

The donors in this suite were contributing to build scholarships for student-athletes, so the focus was to make the experience personal and impactful. When guests first step off the elevator, they are met with a beautiful millwork wall, with a halo-lit Chanticleer mark and lettering for placemaking.The team designed a focal wall around the corner, off the elevator that displayed every single player on the football team so the donors could see who they were impacting while looking out on the field on game day to see the how. The team chose to display an active mannequin whose uniform would match the players on the field, so spectators in the suite could have an Instagramable moment. The space also included hype imagery and two parallel walls for Big Moments in Chanticleer history. 

Additional Credits: Jack Porter; Renée Ludlam

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