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Crafty Mama



When COVID-19 hit as quickly as it did, life changed for everyone and has continued to evolve. Kim, (a mom of 5!), vowed that she would never touch a sewing machine after so many childhood years of her mother pushing it on her and making her clothes. However, COVID-19 brought a mask shortage and panic. Kim dusted off the sewing machine and began making masks feverishly for free. She made them for her husband’s coworkers, families, nurses, etc. Many gave her donations and if they insisted on paying, she would give them a price well below what they would have to pay elsewhere. No, not a great business model, but at this point, it wasn’t a business. It was a service to the community when there was a demand.

As masks became readily available, she decided she enjoyed the crafting scene and began making holiday decorations to lift spirits and items for children going back to school. This pivot is what inspired Crafty Mama.

Client: Kim Peed

The Challenge

Develop a fun crafty brand that represents a diversity of products as the brand evolves.


The Solution

A bright, fun logo was created to mimic Crafty Mama’s passion to create and willingness to adapt to the needs of the community.