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United Way of Pickens County

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In an effort to achieve our financial stability goal of ensuring that 3,000 families and individuals will find a pathway out of poverty by 2030, United Way of Pickens County established the Pathways program.

Pathways is a 6-18 month intensive, one-on-one financial coaching program designed to equip hardworking, low-income individuals and families with the skills, assistance, knowledge, and resources necessary to achieve freedom over their finances.

Additionally, United Way of Pickens County’s free tax preparation service, Free File, provides high-quality free tax preparation services to individuals and families, helping make sure hard-working people get every dollar they deserve.

Client: United Way of Pickens County



The Challenge

Develop a new brand for Free File that feels more approachable and intuitive. Develop marketing collateral for United Way of Pickens County’s Pathways program to share this program with those who might need the program, and to obtain potential donors and volunteers.


The Solution

For the Pathways program, we worked collaboratively with the Pathways team to help develop the messaging that told a story, which is proven to be more impactful when you’re asking for donations and volunteers. We found stories of people the program has supported and also added to the marketing materials how far a $25-$500+ contribution can go. This idea was to make donating less transactional and cold, to connect a tangible and measurable impact with the support.

One of the brochures we developed to send to potential donors actually had two very clear easy ways to donate after the call-to-action that Pathways wasn’t using before- a QR code and an integrated mailer. Rather than leave the burden on the potential donor to type in the website or get an envelope to mail their contribution, we made it easier and skipped that step. We provided them with those two quick ways to donate, leading more people to do so when they felt compelled. In marketing, this is a great example of taking a step roadblock out of the way for your consumers in order to make a conversion. 

For the Free File brand, representing this abstract and daunting idea of taxes needed to be blended with the feeling of the “That was easy” campaign from Staples. We wanted to use more of United Way’s blue brand colors to represent calm and approachability and liked the idea of the iconography of an up arrow giving the motion of a checkmark. To represent taxes, we went with the more obvious direction of representing the 1040 paperwork. 

“As a smaller non-profit, we often relied on our own understanding of how to create various print designs or digital design. This often led to substandard print or media materials produced in house. It was not until Theresa helped us out that we understood just how much we needed her professional services. Not only does Theresa offer superior customer service as she works closely to develop a marketing strategy, she also brings a level of professionalism and expertise that transforms your message to a vision of brand identity that is both powerful and engaging for your target audience. We enthusiastically recommend Theresa and her work to anyone who is wanting to lift their marketing from average to out of this world!”

Jeremy Price

Director of Financial Stability, United Way of Pickens County